Some jobs are a little too much for a home owner but not enough for a general contractor. That where a handyman fits in. In need of getting repairs taken care of in and around your home?

Many household repairs and upgrades aren’t huge jobs, but in the business of everyday life, they can stack up when there’s just not enough time to tackle them or when the idea of multiple trips to the home center to buy different tools and supplies is overwhelming. Even the most committed DIYer can look at a project and think,“This may be beyond my skill level. Do I need a handyman near me?”
A good handyman has the experience, tools, and know-how to safely tackle a wide range of home projects. Hiring a handyman often means paying someone to do work you might feel you could handle on your own—but in many cases, hiring the best handyman in your area could actually save money in the long run. In both scenarios, you’ll likely have to pay for materials, but purchasing tools you’ll only use for one project can get expensive, as can errors (and repairing them).
When considering whether to hire a handyman, the most common considerations are skill and cost. Sometimes homeowners can take on projects themselves and save some money. Cosmetic upgrades such as painting and refinishing furniture and walls, changing hardware, making small repairs, and even installing basic flooring are tasks that many residents can take on, especially with the proper research and tools. Some experienced homeowners may have the knowledge and skill set to tackle minor electrical and plumbing repairs and installations.
But even if you’re not writing a check, there is a cost to the DIY approach: Repeated trips to the home improvement store can result in purchases made in error that can’t be returned, and “try it and see” attempts can lead to more patch-up work. In addition, even with careful research, an inexperienced homeowner may be able to complete the project, but as a first-timer, the finish will look less polished and professional than the work an experienced handyman would produce. The most valuable commodities in any home project are time and safety. DIY requires research, planning, purchasing, prep, completion of the actual job, and cleanup. It’s likely that, unless the homeowner really enjoys the work and does it often, hiring a handyman may be less costly than the time spent doing it yourself. For larger jobs, those requiring specialized tools, and those requiring permits and inspection, homeowners can save time, money, and hassle by hiring a handyman with more experience and a stock of materials and tools.
Handymen can tackle myriad indoor and outdoor problems. Indoor repairs, installations, and basic plumbing and electrical change-outs are well within a good handyman’s purview. Outdoors, handymen can repair cracks, breaks, and tears; install doors; and deal with the havoc nature wreaks on homes and yards.

Work load for a handyman

  • Home repairs: A handyman can repair holes in drywall, tackle small paint jobs and touch-ups, and perform light installations and fixtures. Such as ceiling fans, outdoor and indoor lighting and minor electrical repair.
  • Installation and furniture assembly: The shelving unit you picked may be nothing but a pile of boards and screws to you, but a handyman can assemble the pieces in no time in addition to assembling other small pieces of furniture. Other jobs that require specific know-how, such as mounting large photos on the wall, hanging shelves, installing shades, and updating hardware can also be jobs for a handyman.
  • Small plumbing and electrical jobs: While big jobs (usually anything that requires moving existing pipes or wiring or running new lines) should be handled by licensed plumbers and electricians, an appropriately licensed handyman can replace electrical outlets and switches, hang light fixtures and ceiling fans, and install garbage disposals, bathroom plumbing, and electrical fixtures.
  • Outdoor chores: Stay off your rickety ladder; let a handyman clean and repair gutters in addition to handling fence, deck, and patio repairs; driveway sealing; and cutting and removing fallen tree branches.

Many other small home repairs and upgrades can be handled with less urgency by a skilled homeowner or a professional. Jobs requiring specialized tools that you may not own or be less familiar with using, for example, can be dangerous for first-timers. In addition, projects that require permits or inspection or those that are a result of damage are best left to someone with more professional experience. A handyman knows what to look for when completing a repair that could lead to problems further down the road and can address the concerns proactively.
Issues best left to other professionals include major renovations or additions; roof repair; adding electrical or plumbing lines, breakers, and shutoffs to the home; and larger projects that will require multiple workers with different specialties to complete.

If you’re not skilled in home repair, don’t have the tools or time, or simply prefer not to do the tasks yourself, hiring a handyman is an easy decision. However, for those who are inclined to handle these tasks on their own, choosing when to hire help can be more difficult. When do you really need to hire a handyman?

Some repairs can’t wait. Homeowners may be able to perform a quick fix but will require a professional with the necessary experience to complete the repair and ensure the safety and security of the home.

    • Broken windows or doors: Broken windows and doors leave a home, its contents, and its residents unsecured and require prompt repair. A handyman can either repair them immediately or help secure them temporarily until a permanent fix can be completed.
    • Major ceiling, roof, or plumbing leaks: While these emergencies will eventually require a plumber or roofer, a handyman can help temporarily stop and secure the leak and assess the repairs that will be needed.
    • Fallen tree branches threatening the home: A handyman will have the necessary safety and cutting equipment to cut up limbs that are unstable or are resting against your home. For larger limbs or those still lodged in the tree, an arborist or tree surgeon is preferable, but a handyman can take care of most tree limbs that are on the ground or leaning on the house. Wobbly or unseated railings
    •  Wobbly or unseated railings: Railings that are unstable are an immediate hazard and liability to residents, guests, and service people and need to be repaired immediately. Residents can tape off the area to prevent anyone from grabbing hold of an unsteady railing in the meantime, but the repair should be made quickly. Experienced homeowners can reanchor and repair interior railings, but exterior railings may require more expertise and a permit.

Benefits to hiring a handyman to complete projects and repairs around the house.

  • Time: Most homeowners underestimate the amount of time it will take to research, prepare, complete, and clean up from a project. If the time isn’t available, off-loading the project to a professional can be a good choice.
  • Tools: Handymen tend to already own the tools needed for most jobs—they use them for multiple tasks. Homeowners who purchase tools for a single project are spending money for items that may just collect dust in the garage for years after the project is complete.
  • Professional-grade finish: Homeowners may be able to complete simple projects after watching videos and reading instructions, but for more complicated jobs, the finished project may look unpolished. Handymen have done these projects multiple times before, so they know what to watch out for and how to get the clean, professional finish that a home deserves.

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