errand service

All Errands Included :)

Have you ever wished you could just make something conviently appear? You know, some cough drops when you’re sick. That comfy chair you were eyeing at the mall. A pair of exclusive jeans to wear out tonight. Some delicious take-out food that won’t deliver to your area. If only there were a pick-up and delivery service that could make your wish a reality. You’re in luck, ALL ERRANDS INCLUDED!!! We will pick up all your goods and deliver everything straight to your front door.

Some days there are more errands with a to-do-list to complete longer than the hours in a day. People’s lifestyles are increasingly becoming more busy that there seems to be no time for simply running daily errands. Schedules can be tight with work, school, side hustles, travel and spending time with family. But what if there was a way to run errands without actually having to run an errand? That is where we come in. Delegate tasks to a trusted errand runner to save yourself time, gas and even money.

Wheter you are a busy executive whos to busy for his own errands or a senior who is in need of a helping hand in and outside of the home, we are the errand team for you. Our promise is to provide ample errand services for those who are occupied with their work schedules so much so they cannot handle their extra errands.  Whether your looking for a simple errand near me or managing your personal daily run-arounds, planning and organizing, or running things optimally around your office we are equipped with the right skills to handle these tasks effectively. Using us takes the burden of handling too much work off your shoulders. Our executive errand service has a wide variety for you to choose from.

Personal Errands: Medical, Rx, equipment or hygiene pick up. Personal shopping, for person or family. Store Purchases, Floral Arrangements, Gift Baskets, and Inventory.
Business Errands: Errands for business, office supplies and clerical support. Think of us like your own personal assistant providing full support for office errands and organization. Shipping/Receiving.
Scheduling: We work with tight schedules, by monitoring and working out schedule discrepancies times and places. Including flights, accomodations, meetings and trip to do list.
Executive Assistant Support: If you need help in your firm with handling small errands for your executives, our assistants are competent in handling information with confidentiality. We have some of the best trained and well cultured staff in the business of running errands.


Although, so many of our elderly are in much better and stronger shape these days they could still use help with so many things like fresh laundry, clean dishes, personal shopping and medical. There are over 50 million seniors over 65 in the United States and that figure is expected to climb to over 80 million in less than 20 years. As people age, they may be less able to run their own errands. Many seniors would rather stay at home instead of doing routine errands such as going to the supermarket or drug store. Some simply can’t get about as easily as they used to. They may be home-bound due to an disability, illness or injury, and need help with even the simplest of errands most of us take for granted, so they call on an errand running service to help. We provide seniors with errand services to help with the many errands of living at home. Errands can turn into a never-ending list of chores that can overwhelm an aging parent. We will help you or your loved one tackle the items on your to-do list.

As a small business we know what it feels like to work on an intimate level with a level of care that will cater to our elderly community. All elders would be assigned thier own personal errand runner everytime service is needed. This way residents can become familiar with their errand runner in hopes of making it more comfortable for seniors no matter the time of day or night. Senior customers will know their errand runner by name and vehicle to be able to identify them in any case. Since the company is mobile the same price and statues would apply to customers even if they happen to be off the property as well. Services will also extend to any visitors and family that are on the property at the time service is requested.


Light Housework: Clean dishes, fresh laundry, vacuuming, and organizing spaces. Will be a helping hand for all those light house chores that need to be done. We only clean Studios, 1 bd and 2 bd room apartments, homes or office spaces. We do not do clean large home or office spaces, we also do not provide any deep cleaning services. All of our runners are a 1 person team, that are trained to clean and organize on a more intimate level for clients who prefer a more personal expierence with an assigned cleaner. Your cleaner/runner will not change from week to week, allowing the home owner or client to build a trustworthy relationship with our handy team member.
Laundry: Will wash, fold, iron (when applicable) and put away loads. Pick up/drop off services for cleaners.
Kitchen: Sanitized. Dishes will be washed, packed/unpacked and dried. (Organization and grocery service available)
Bathroom: Sanitized, toiletries and linen will be stocked.
Floors: Vacuum or mopped.
Grocery Service: Will complete grocery list, wipe down brought products and put away food and products. Will organize according to dietary needs with light food prepping included. Can also scheldule reoccurring orders and online deliveries.Groceries, Cakes, Restaurant, Catering & Bakeries.
Home/Office Organization: Need help setting up your home office? Unable to move large office items and need a professional hand or pair of hands to help you out without damaging your equipment? Our assistants are well trained in handling a number of sensitive equipment and would deliver the best services. Paperwork scrubbing and organizing. Closet, pantry organization.
Relocation/Packing/Moving: Are you moving and do not know whom to trust with the packing and moving of your household items? Also moving within the house, maybe switching an office for a playroom, we can help set up and make any room a functional space.
House Sitting minus The Sitting: Can trust your flowers to be watered and your mail to be checked while you are away on extended stays from home. Package clearing, mail accumulation, handymen services (say a light bulb blows!!!) and light house maintenance (no dishes in sink, and booking yard services if needed).

We Can Help You Do the Following

  • Dry Cleaning/Drop off dry cleaning
  • Pharmacy/Pick up prescriptions
  • Catering delivery
  • Post Office
  • Library
  • Grocery Pickup
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Banking
  • Gift Purchases
  • Gift Delivery , Gift Baskets or Flowers.
  • Personal Errand Runner
  • Mail / Deliver a package
  • Merchandise Returns & Exchanges
  • Hardware Store
  • Medical Supplies
  • Glasses and Contact Lenses
  • Deliver a forgotten item to child's school, pick up children from school. Management of school supplies.
  • Legal documents, scanning, filling and using care with confidential information.
  • DMV trips
  • Mail pickup or interception
  • Retrieve package from unattended doorway
  • Feed and freshen water or plants, etc.
  • Errand Runner
  • Deliver supplies
  • Return items to the store
  • Personal shopping, Personal Assistant Errand Runner
  • Car washes
  • Light housekeeping/Chores
Remember All Errands Included.....

How Much Does Errand Service Cost?

We charge a flat fee for all of our services, we do not charge hourly rates regardless of the services required.All Errands and Home Services start at $50.00

1 Errand -   $50.00
2 Errands - $105.00
3 Errands - $150.00

Errand Services can be mixed between home, business and personal.

Express Service: Is any errand or service that is needed to be completed in an expedited time frame. We scheldule all calls into an hourly window based off of our runners availability. If someone needs to be dispatched in under an hour, then an additonal $25.00 fee will apply.

This rate stays the same on weekends, nights, and holidays, so you or a loved one can get care when you need it. Rates may vary by location. 

We are open from 8am-8pm, 7 days a week!!!

HANDYMAN services

Many household repairs and upgrades aren’t huge jobs, but in the business of everyday life, they can stack up when there’s just not enough time to tackle them or when the idea of multiple trips to the home center to buy different tools and supplies is overwhelming. Even the most committed DIYer can look at a project and think,“This may be beyond my skill level. Do I need a handyman near me?”
A good handyman has the experience, tools, and know-how to safely tackle a wide range of home projects. Hiring a handyman often means paying someone to do work you might feel you could handle on your own—but in many cases, hiring the best handyman in your area could actually save money in the long run. In both scenarios, you’ll likely have to pay for materials, but purchasing tools you’ll only use for one project can get expensive, as can errors (and repairing them).
When considering whether to hire a handyman, the most common considerations are skill and cost. Sometimes homeowners can take on projects themselves and save some money. Cosmetic upgrades such as painting and refinishing furniture and walls, changing hardware, making small repairs, and even installing basic flooring are tasks that many residents can take on, especially with the proper research and tools. Some experienced homeowners may have the knowledge and skill set to tackle minor electrical and plumbing repairs and installations.
But even if you’re not writing a check, there is a cost to the DIY approach: Repeated trips to the home improvement store can result in purchases made in error that can’t be returned, and “try it and see” attempts can lead to more patch-up work. In addition, even with careful research, an inexperienced homeowner may be able to complete the project, but as a first-timer, the finish will look less polished and professional than the work an experienced handyman would produce. The most valuable commodities in any home project are time and safety. DIY requires research, planning, purchasing, prep, completion of the actual job, and cleanup. It’s likely that, unless the homeowner really enjoys the work and does it often, hiring a handyman may be less costly than the time spent doing it yourself. For larger jobs, those requiring specialized tools, and those requiring permits and inspection, homeowners can save time, money, and hassle by hiring a handyman with more experience and a stock of materials and tools.
Handymen can tackle myriad indoor and outdoor problems. Indoor repairs, installations, and basic plumbing and electrical change-outs are well within a good handyman’s purview. Outdoors, handymen can repair cracks, breaks, and tears; install doors; and deal with the havoc nature wreaks on homes and yards.


If you’ve recently purchased a large or bulky item but don’t have a way to get it to your home or office, don’t worry – we can help! This service is great for furniture pickup and delivery, appliance delivery, or the delivery of any other bulky or large item. This local pickup and delivery service features the same high standard of customer service you’d get with a normal home move, and saves you the hassle of transporting heavy items home. Our trustworthy movers can take the stress out of purchasing large items and provide you with the peace of mind that your new purchase will arrive to your home safely.  Small Packages, Medium Packages, Large Packages, Oversized & Overweight Packages.  Have you ever wished you could just make something appear? You know, some cough drops when you’re sick. That comfy chair you were eyeing at the mall. A pair of jeans to wear out tonight. Some delicious take-out food that won’t deliver. If only there were a pick-up and delivery service that could make your wish a reality. You’re in luck, ALL DELIVERIES INCLUDED!!!

Large Item Pick up: Large item pick up, including furniture assembly.  We will also haul away old unwanted furniture such as mattresses, boxsprings and furniture pieces (most pick up and delivery services are a flat fee not an hourly rate.) Check out our handyman and delivery services as well for more details :)

We will pick up all your goods and deliver everything straight to your front door.